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Tamara e Rodrigo Fotodermatoz

Dzień dobry, serfując w Internecie w poszukiwaniu zdjęć obrazów, napotkaliśmy ba "Tamara-Rodrigo i parasole...." Dariusza Grajka: to była miłość od pierwszego wejrzenia! Zakochani w jego stylu, przystąpiliśmy do poszukiwań innych jego obrazów, w ten sposób poznaliśmy galerie on-line "Touch of art". Zdecydowani na zakup obrazu skontaktowaliśmy się z panią Aleksandra Karolina Król, referentka galerii we Włoszech, która przekazała nam ze
obraz został już sprzedany, ale ze artysta był gotowy namalować go w formie naszego portretu, w tym samym ustawieniu. Oczywiście zgodziliśmy się!

Podczas wykonywania obrazu, byliśmy w kontakcie z panią Aleksandra, która zawsze szybko i dyspozycyjnie przekazywała artyście nasze prośby i które punktualnie zadowolił. W trakcie, gdy praca posuwała się do przodu, artysta (zawsze poprzez panią Aleksandrę) przesyłał nam zdjęcia obrazu:, jakie to wzruszenie widzieć nasz braz, który powstaje i się kształtuje!

Na koniec, kiedy obraz był gotowy, został on wysłany w ramie, która uprzednio wybraliśmy pośród innych ram i na którego przybycie czekaliśmy z niecierpliwością. Kiedy przyszła paczka, uwolniliśmy obraz z opakowania i oniemieliśmy z wrażenia: obraz jest wspaniały, przekracza nasze oczekiwania, ponieważ zdjęcia nie ukazują jego piękna. Kolory tak cieple i błyskotliwe, które wspaniale komponują się w nasz dom i umeblowanie, szczegóły twarzy ekspresje, atmosfera, wszystko jest naprawdę wspaniale! Najbardziej niezwykłą rzeczą jest zdolność artysty do ukazania - bez poznania nas osobiście - zrozumienia miedzy mną a moim mężem: na żadnym zdjęciu nie jest tak ewidentne jak na obrazie. Nie po zostaje nam nic innego jak ponownie podziękować artyście Dariuszowi Grajkowi oraz pani Aleksandrze Karolinie Król za jej dyspozycyjność, profesjonalizm i uprzejmość.

Tamara e Rodrigo Codermatz

RCI Bank Polska

RCI Bank Poland wants to thank the European Painting Gallery Touch of Art for satisfying and pleasant transaction of selling us a painting by Henryk Radziszewski. We had a great pleasure to purchase in the Gallery. The service was nice, and we were professionally advised while selecting a suitable painting. We joyfully recommend TouchofArt.eu Gallery to anyone. Thank you once again!


Joanna Oleszkiewicz

Joanna Wichniewicz

Buying paintings via Internet always causes a sense of thrill. We all know that the color you see on your PC screen may differ than the real one. However, me and my Customers have taken the risk (the Customers live abroad and had no tome to travel to Poland, and an apartment in which the painting is now exposed, is 400 kilometers away from the Gallery). We trusted the Touch of Art Gallery, and I must say our intuition was right: we were perfectly served. The transaction was nice, easy, and – what counts the most – very professional. Our order was first precisely discussed, and then realized. The painting by Adrianna Jachym is now in the Customers apartment and fills it with energy. All this undertaking required some engagement on both sides, and even on three sides, because the painting was created on our order. We liked the original found in Touch of Art Gallery very much, but we needed another dimensions, and wanted to change the color a little bit. What helped us very much were the photos and detailed descriptions of the colors. We also got a wonderful visualization of the saloon with the painting hanged on the wall. Contact with the Gallery was very fast, as well as all the arrangements with the Artist. As the process of painting progressed, we received photos of the stages of realization, and we could feel an immense engagement of the Gallery. It is so important when buying at a distance, to feel that there is someone we can trust on the other side, and someone who would take care of everything in our name. Someone we can trust – this is a key word! I do recommend Pawel’s Gallery. I can say: they are our trusted people! Check for yourself!

arch: Joanna Wichniewicz

Anna Zacharzewska

An adventure with art collecting usually starts in some unpredictable circumstances. More and more often this is just surfing in Internet, without any particular purpose. If doing so you happen to drop into Touch of Art, you can be sure you’ll be infected by the disease; and that exploring the works offered by the gallery, you’ll feel an urgent need to own something unique.
Touch of Art offers such an eclectic choice of the paintings, that – regardless of one’s individual preferences – everyone is going to find something for themselves. And an experienced art collector-investor will discover plenty of young talents here; the talents, who will start conquering the art market soon. Whatever the reason for which we decide to buy a canvas in Touch of Art is, it’s important to remember that the painting itself, as well as interaction with a marchand, has to be pleasant for us. Once we meet Pawel Kaminski, the second assumption’s guaranteed! Both his openness, and his will to know the personal taste of each customer, help us gain the knowledge about the painting we buy, and the painter herself or himself. But first and foremost, we are given plenty of alternatives. Pawel will do everything to fulfill the collectors’ dreams; he’ll search for the pieces of art suiting to our collections, and contact the artists, to agree on the works painted in our order, and to negotiate individual sizes of the canvas.Touch of Art is actually something more than a touch of art. It’s immersing in the world of modern painting, presented in the most convenient form: without this unbearable puffing up, typical for owners of art galleries. Touch of Art is the friendliest of all galleries I have ever dealt with.

Anna Zacharzewska, CFO, Marquard Media

Annette&Werner Baumgartner

It has been a delight for us to acquire a very meaningful artwork through Touch of Art. As longstanding collectors, we appreciate this experience on many levels.

First and foremost, we were thrilled by the wide range and depth of artistic talent offered by Touch of Art, and this at very reasonable prices. We were particularly enamored by the talent of Renata Brzosowska, who through her energetic expressionist style and intelligent and sensitive insight captured magnificently the magic of flamenco on her canvas – its “duende”. As longstanding flamenco aficionados, we have for many years searched in vain in countless galleries for such an achievement and this even among the most famous artists.

On another level, we were thrilled by Touch of Art giving us the opportunity to interact with the artist (being on another continent) by e-mail. And this not to control or steer the artist’s work, but for us to communicate our personal vision and love of the fabulous art of flamenco – a vision which we came to share in her creation of “Flamenquita”. Touch of Art also provided us, on their own initiative, with images (via e-mail) chronicling the progression of the commissioned work. To have a pictorial record of the birth of this wonderful creation adds another dimension to its appreciation.
And finally, and the most personally endearing aspect of our dealing with Touch of Art, has been the pleasure of interacting with the owner, Ania Kaminski. Not only was she the catalyst for our interaction with the artist, she also dedicated herself completely to making our purchase a most pleasant, exciting and efficient experience. Thanks to Ania’s attention to detail and the efficiency of the Polish customs service and post office, the canvas arrived, meticulously packaged, on our doorstep within seven days of shipping.

In every aspect, our dealing with Touch of Art has been a most pleasurable and rewarding experience for us.

Werner and Annette Baumgartner, Olympia, Washington, USA

Joanna Bierła

I’d like to recommend the Touch of Art Gallery, run by Pawel Kaminski, who is truly committed to his work! I had a good luck to find this gallery in Internet, and soon became the lucky owner of two wonderful paintings by Piotr Pilawa. It was also a great pleasure to exchange e-mails with Pawel, for whom the Polish modern painting, and popularizing it in the world, are all true passions!
The gallery is really worth watching. Buying here is a great pleasure, and you will surely become a friend of Touch of Art owner.
I do recommend it!

Joanna Bierla
A physician - professionally
A lover of cats and Art - privately

Bożena Zawistowska

First of all, I would like to thank Pawel Kaminski for his help and patience in dispelling all my doubts. Well, buying a painting via Internet gives you an additional thrill at the moment of unpacking the painting! But for me it was a very nice moment, with a nice surprise.
With kindest regards, a Happy Owner of the painting of my dream,
Bożena Zawistowska!

Aleksander Szpak
Touch of Art gallery is one of my most favourite Internet galleries. Due to a great choice of works and presentation of wonderful artists my fascination with modern art gave rise to passion which I’ve been trying to share with other people. This is a fact that your parents just set an example for you. My parents infected me with admiration music and painting. Thank to “fishing out” interesting works at Touch of Art I personally met incredible artists such as Wacław Jagielski, whom I consider one of the best contemporary landscape painters and who has a heart of gold and a marvellous personality. I also met Julita Malinowska, a kind and talented painter who fascinates me most of all with her works inspired by travels to Asia, namely a series of paintings depicting Children of India, Tibet and Thailand.
Today I can feast my eyes on a considerable collection of paintings both at work and at home. I have lately bought a painting of Jacek Łoziński and by the way I got in touch with Mr Paweł Kamiński. I think that getting to know a person like Mr Kamiński is even more valuable than the painting I bought. This remark also refers to the artists mentioned above as well as Joasia Ziębicka, Urszula Tekiela, Marian Knobloch, and Małgosia Bieniek Strączek acquaintance with all these people I appreciate greatly. Mr Kamiński is a very kind person, who loves what he is doing and what’s more he’s a professional. I recommend to everybody a purchase of the paintings at Touch of Art, the gallery of Mr and Mrs Kamiński and I wish them successful work.
Aleksander Szpak

Anna i Mark Jung
When Olenka, our two-and-a-half year old daughter, saw Mr Gregorz Ptak’s paintings she was enchanted by them. Yesterday afternoon she was so excited that she didn’t even want to have a nap. One of the reasons was our little neighbour’s visit and the other because she relished the paintings. When I drew the curtains she told me “It’s too dark! I can’t see these beautiful angels in this darkness!” Lukas, who is a year older than our little “wise girl”, confirmed it. So I had no chance of encouraging both kids to sleep.
About the works of Ms Renata Brzozowska and Ms Renata Domagalska I can say one thing. They had looked very well at the computer screen but in reality they exceeded my expectations. The dynamics and expression presented in them as well as the choice of paints are incredible.
Pawel, thank you very much for the nice transaction.
Anna i Mark Jung

Marta i Dariusz Stefańczykowie
Art can touch the deepest layers of our sensibility. When we find THIS painting, a piece of music, or a poem we realize that without it our life would be incomplete. Hitting the Touch of Art website is the best opportunity of finding a paiting that will interest, captivate and seduce us. When this unusual guest appears at our home, it’s hard to imagine it hasn’t been here before. I’m sitting at the table looking at the light which is going in. It’s brightening the figure in the foreground, livening up the colours and moving the imagination. Due to the Internet we managed to buy two original pieces of art. (of Ms Ewa Przybyły and Ms Justyna Jabłońska). Thank to the owners of the gallery we have a feeling that there are still people, who in a tactful way, being careful but not pushy, can join an art collector with his/her painting.
Thank you and we wish the art dealers as many talented artists as possible and the matching number of the buyers of paintings presented at Touch of Art. With kind regards.

Marta and Dariusz Stefańczyk

We hope it hasn’t been our last purchase at your gallery.

Joanna Łabudzka
The paintings we bought at Touch of Art are just marvelous, we love them!
If we ever wanted to buy paintings in the future, we are definitely going to use your services again. Everything was done very well, the contact with the gallery was nice, and the most important thing: we like the paintings that you offered. They are all very good, regardless of the price range.