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Art can have numerous dimensions – thanks to it has just moved to virtual world, too. Art enthusiasts can now commune with it and its beauty at any time of day or night. Our art gallery keeps its door wide open round-the-clock, giving access to thousands of selected works by outstanding artists. Running an art gallery is a responsibility and that is why we put our hearts into everything we do here. We wish to share with you the art that we ourselves find beautiful and emotionally touching. All the rest is a consequence of our philosophy and the activities related to it. Every day we explore the art market so as to find unique paintings which will not only perfectly suit our customers’ home interiors but also enhance the inner beauty of its dwellers. Our art gallery comprises a broad collection of paintings by various artists including nearly 3 000 names. So far we have developed successful collaboration with both well-known painters from Poland and abroad as well as local artists from different regions of our country. Our virtual collection also includes works by young painters who have only started their adventure with an easel and a palette. is visited by thousands of art collectors. Our gallery attracts both sophisticated art connaisseurs and less experienced enthusiasts of oil paintings. We therefore put a lot of effort into making our collection suitable for all tastes. We provide help and advice regardless whether our Customer wishes to enlarge his/her own collection or looks for a present for someone he or she cares about. Our contemporary painting collection allows you to purchase a unique painting without the need to leave your own house. A virtual touch of art can be just as precious as a personal encounter with a work by one’s favorite artist. We believe in the power of the latest technologies and develop our gallery with the broad use of it. We do all we can to make sure that the photos provided to us by the artists reflect the features of the art work accurately – it is after all the main criteria that our Customers base their purchase decisions on. The online gallery is not enough? We encourage all the enthusiasts of paintings to participate in a wide array of events during which we present selected works from our collection. Where can you find us? We organize exhibitions at various prestigious locations such as Embassies or prepare private Show Rooms as well as participate in International Fine Art Fairs. For us, art is so much more than a mere wall decoration. Painting goes well beyond the rigid framework and enables to engage oneself into various activities. Here, at gallery, we actively support various charity events and combine running the art gallery with providing help. Thanks to Kids Gallery project, we promote children’s art and creativity, encouraging the donors to support selected non-government organizations at the same time. Are you looking for a natural landscape painting? Or maybe you appreciate contemporary art or Pop Art? We encourage you to have a closer look at our collection. We are sure that you will find what you are looking for here.