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Vladimir Zorin
polish painting

Vladimir Zorin

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Artist from Russia. I work in different techniques of painting: watercolor, tempera, litorgafiya, but most prefer - etching and color etching on several boards. Prefer realistic direction. My works are in museums in Russia and collectors more than 50 countries

Born in Moscow in 1960.
In 1983 he graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute.
Since 1985 he has taught drawing and painting at the art school for children Podolsk.
Member of the Russian Union of Artists since 1990.
With the success of the exhibitions of works in different countries: America, France, the Czech Republic, Spain, Tanzania ...
I live and work in the city of Podolsk, Moscow region

To me, the act of painting is...


What was the first painting that you sold?

это ...небольшой офорт

I’m inspired by...

Природа, Женщина, Архитектура

What's your favorite sentence?

Любите жизнь!

When was the last time you got a nice surprise?

заново прочитанная книга графа Толстого

A party is no good without...

времени для новых работ

I wish I had more...

Кошки, у нас в доме их три!

Do you like nights?

я бы рисовал в воображении

I love it when...

И Бах, и Элвис, и Мадонна, и Битлз и любая другая хорошая МУЗЫКА!

A cat or a dog?

If you could no longer paint, then...

My favorite dish:

Bach, Elvis or Madonna?

If I could live forever, I would like to be...

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