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Februari - april 2014: Santpoort Solo in "Inloophuis Kennemerland"
December - juni 2014: Bloemendaal aan Zee Solo in "Parnassia aan Zee"
Mei - Juni 2013: Bad Pyrmont (D) Groepsexpositie
Maart - December 2013: Hoofddorp Solo in Instituut "De Uil"
Januari - Februari 2013: Bloemendaal aan Zee Solo in "Parnassia aan Zee"
Januari - Februari 2013: Spaarnwoude Solo "Zorgvrij"
December 2012 - februari 2013: Haarlem manifestatie "Art-Triangle"
November 2012: Haarlem manifestatie "Kunstlijn"
Oktober 2012: Noorwijkerhout manifestatie "Mont Martre aan Zee"
September 2012: Bloemendaal aan Zee: Solo in "Parnassia aan Zee"
September 2012: Haarlem manifestatie "open monumentendagen"
Juli 2012: Bergen kunstfair
Juni-augustus 2012: Haarlem Groepsexposite Van Ooijen
May2012: Haarlem Kunstmanifestatie Vijfhoekkunstroute
May 2012: Lisse Keukenhof Kunstmanifestatie Kunstplein Henk Veen
Marcht 2012: Amsterdam groep Mövenpick hotel
January 2012: Haarlem Nieuwe leden expositie KZOD
October 2011: Amsterdam Kunstbeurs "Affordable Art Fair"
September 2011: SpaarndamTrio Galerie "De kolk"
May 2011 - June 2011: Bloemendaal aan Zee: Solo in "Parnassia aan Zee"
April 2011 - Mei 2011: Warmond trio expositie kunstcafe de Galerie
November 2010 - February 2011: Heemstede, Solo in Townhall
November 2010 - January 2011: Haarlem, Kunstmanifestatie "Kunstlijn"
June-November 2010 Bloemendaal aan Zee: Solo in "Parnassia aan Zee"
Februari-March 2010 Heemstede: Solo Theatre "de Luifel"

November-December 2009 Amsterdam Manifestatie "Choca " Apollo Hotel
October-November 2009 Bloemendaal aan Zee: Solo in "Parnassia aan Zee"

September 2009 Utrecht: Kunstbeurs "Open Art Fair"
March 2009 Utrecht, fair Vivarium 2009

December 2008 - January 2009, Amsterdam, Winter exhibition GO-gallery

November 2008 - January 2009: Haarlem, Kunstmanifestatie "Kunstlijn"

November-December 2008: Haarlem: Solo expositie Janskliniek

September 2008, Castricum: donation art auction o.b.o. "SOS Children's Villages"

September 2008 Utrecht: Kunstbeurs "Open Art Fair"

August - October 2008, Velsen: Solo exhibition in Theatre Velsen

July- August 2008, Bloemendaal aan Zee: Solo exhibition in "Parnassia aan Zee"

May - July 2008, Amsterdam: Spring exhibition at Go Gallery

April - May 2008, Haarlem: Solo expositie "Van Duivenboden Interieur"

March 2008, Groningen: Lifestyle and Art Fair "Wonen&Co"

February 2008, Rotterdam: Art fair "Salon Primavera"

December 2007, Bloemendaal aan Zee: Solo exhibition in "Parnassia aan Zee"

October-November 2007, Heemstede: Gallery "Het Kunstbedrijf"

June-November 2007, Amsterdam: Summer exhibition in "Go Galerie"

June-August 2007, Bloemendaal aan Zee: Solo exhibition in "Parnassia aan Zee"

Winter 2006-2007, Haarlem: Diving in a wonder world during the "Kunstlijn”

Autumn 2006, Heemstede: First fish in "Gallery het Kunstbedrijf”

August 2004 - April 2005, Haarlem : Solo After the summer in "het Oosten"

Summer 2004, Haarlem: Summer in the library duo with Sabina Brzezińska

October 2003, Velsen: Autumn expo Theatre Velsen duo with Sabina Brzezińska

To me, the act of painting is...

What was the first painting that you sold?

I’m inspired by...

What's your favorite sentence?

When was the last time you got a nice surprise?

A party is no good without...

I wish I had more...

Do you like nights?

I love it when...

A cat or a dog?

If you could no longer paint, then...

My favorite dish:

Bach, Elvis or Madonna?

If I could live forever, I would like to be...

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