Mcquillan Peter
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About the Artist:


Peter was born in London 1967, he grew up on the move, attended schools around the UK and in India. He studied art and design at Chelsea school of Art, working for a time in construction and as a graphic designer, before ending up as a Landscape Architect and urban designer.

Artwork shows views of the everyday world, the backdrop to city life, the ordinary stuff that’s all around us. The aim is to capture the feel of a place, revealing ephemeral qualities, lurking just out of sight, the essence of place; to show the ordinary as unusual and magical .  He takes inspiration from life around him in London and other more exotic places, especially India and South America, the connectivity, the differences, the similarities.

Peter has shown work at several London galleries, taken part in a few exciting exhibitions and art events.  He currently lives in central London, though he’s never in one place for very long.