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I live in Indonesia, under a blue sky, I need this blue sky, it bring so much energy and positivism, it is omnipresent in my work, it is essential to my Life. This is why the blue sky is so representative in all my paintings. Recently I made a big step into the evolution of my work, I have been turning around this feeling for over 2 years, not being able to grab it, and recently, voila, I nailed it, I understood it , it is now fully part of my work, lightening the architectures of my sceneries, dissipating the neighboring building to open the painting into a deeper horizon and to bring the focus to the main point of the painting, it brings another dimension into the work, it opens the mind, it brings us somewhere else, it allow us to travel , into a dream, a place of our choices, it opens the door for multiple and personal interpretations. Animals are part of my paintings, I respect them a lot, I am vegan, they deserve our love, our respect, their freedom, they are equal part on this world, they are part of us, they reflect who we are
Internationally award-winning, Olivier Lamboray (1968) is a Belgian Surrealist painter who currently lives in Germany. He has been painting since 1992 and has had many successful exhibitions in Belgium, USA, Monaco, Australia, Italy, England, Germany, France, Thailand, The Netherlands, Indonesia, and Guinea.

Painting is my journey and it really defines who I am.

Surrealism is at the heart of Belgian culture and since a very young age, I have been fascinated by the magical feeling of the surreal dream.
I have been painting for the last 30 years and have traveled the world for many years, living mostly in isolated places, from the Himalayan range to an almost deserted island in the Andaman Sea.

Often these were places where time seemed to have stopped and where I could only face my inner self and connect my vision and thoughts inwards to the vital questions. A riddle to solve to find meaning. A path full of experiences, that have progressively shaped my goals and my vision of life but also myself. An intricate maze through the darkness of the mind… And it paved the way to brighten the rest of my life.

Over the years, I have developed a very personal style, classical but inviting and full of surprises. It is always positive, nostalgic at times but full of love. Stories from my heart. It pictures a world where I feel really good, where the sky is always blue, where I forget about the reality and the roughness of this world and the gravity that drags us down. I like to levitate elements, to mix things, to romance my stories, to embrace Love like a half-hidden, half-perceived secret. The settings become half-present and half-imaginary, appearing and disappearing, reflecting the impermanence of life and the groundless ground of reality. Is it only a dream, a thought, or a mental construction? Addressing different levels of perception, my style highlights the importance of the spectator and his role in the understanding of this world. Evaporating elements or bricks on some of the walls allow to see through the present and take people to what seems to be another time in space. The evolution of the place itself, from the origin of life to the present moment. Same place, different time. Do they superpose? Would they still exist if we were to travel to another dimension of time/space momentum? What is our role in this perception? Is it just a personal construction, and can we transcend this level to another, and reach deeper layers of Life itself? Seeing through the curtain of reality sends me to other times in space and past stories. The impact of the leftover energy and the self-perpetuating cycles. This brings up feelings that we cannot always understand, those “déjà vu” feelings that we feel deep inside but do not know where they come from or when. The infinity of the soul. The imprints of our actions floating in the universe.

I like to wander on this path, to open gigantic clocks like vortexes and travel to other dimensions, to discover other wonders, way down inside me. There is this deep feeling that it is just there, at the tip of my finger. This amazing sensation of seeing these dreamy appearances, creations of the mind, and being able to make them come to life through my hand. The energy of a thought materializing into a real thing, down here, on Earth, in my studio, on my canvas is incredible. Creating. From Ethereal to Real. The pure freedom of creation, its infinite vastness. Bringing mysteries from somewhere far away in space and being able to present right in front of our eyes is magic. It is all there, inside me, inside us. We just need to deepen ourselves to experience the beauty of Life itself, through Eternity.

While Love is the main locomotive in my work, I keep my research centered around the notion of time, its impermanence, our place in the universe, outer space, its wonders and secrets.
Every painting leads me closer to who I really am.

Whaoaaw what a journey. It’s Amazing!

Malarstwo jest dla mnie ...

c'est ma Vie, tant que je peins tout va bien !

Jaki był Twój pierwszy sprzedany obraz?

mon deuxieme tableau...1994

Inspiruje mnie ...

l'amour, le reve, le voyages, les mysteres des endroits, leur double face, l'illusion et la realité , ce qui est et ce qu'on voit, la dualite; du monde

Podziel się z nami swoją ulubioną sentencją

Life is Beautiful and Love is All

Opowiedz nam kiedy ostatnio zostałeś miłe zaskoczony

le grand pas que je viens de faire, car cela faisait 2 ans que je tournais autour du pot a sentir quelque chose de grand, de profond, je l'effleurais ; et finalement j'ai compris, j'ai mis ma main dessus, et me voila parti dans une nouvelle dimension

Impreza nie jest dobra bez ...


Chciałbym mieć więcej ...


Lubisz noce?

il m'arrive de me reveiller la nuit, et d'avoir des illuminations sur ce que je peins, des idees, des images , des sensations fortes, l'insomnie, c'est la lumiere de mes nuits

Uwielbiam gdy ...

je peins, rien n'equivaut ce feeling de decouvrir toujours un peu plus a chaque coup de pinceau, l'evolution de la toile ce monde inconnu qui se construit petit a petit pour devenir, derniere toile

Kot czy pies?

chiens, nous en avons 6

Gdybyś nie mógł dłużej malować to ...

j'ecrirais de la poesie, ma biographie, je jouerais de la musique, je voyagerais et je ferais decouvrir le monde a ma fille Vanille

Ulubione danie? ...


Bach, Elvis czy Madonna

Elvis !

Nieśmiertelność chciałbym spędzić jako ...


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