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Mark Gray
malarstwo wielkiej brytanii
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Pop Art

I'm an experimental artist. I have a very diverse background having began life as a cartoonist and illustrator at a young age and ultimately worked in Creative Director roles within advertising agencies. Whether my name is familiar or not, my work is sure to be as I have been fortunate enough to work with brands and clients worldwide. Nowadays...(I'm not as old as that makes me sound) I use my conceptual mind to establish appropriate styles and mediums for individual clients for specific occasions or installations to commission. I work in a variety of mediums sometimes mixing traditional and modern, or even self developed techniques to create one-off bespoke pieces.

Aside from my bespoke work I also work on my own creations, the most recent solo show in Warsaw Poland comprised of a variety of personal pieces reflecting my own personality! I'm currently working on a follow-up exhibition planned for the very near future which is all very exciting...

I like to think of art as "Rock 'n' Roll' for the eyes". If what you see stirs some emotion within you then in my mind its been worthwhile giving up a piece of me to create it...


Malarstwo jest dla mnie ...

not confined solely to painting but creating in general. For me its a release, a drug and love.

Jaki był Twój pierwszy sprzedany obraz?

I have been producing art for as long as I can remember. I rarely used paper, often sections of timber or anything that happened to be laying around I would adorn with a cartoon or illustration of some form, often then given away to whomever showed an interest in taking it! I can't recall the first one I actually sold, though the first one I remember receiving cash for was an illustrated comical interpretation of a pub quiz which I observed as an 11 year old.

Inspiruje mnie ...

everyday life, politics, people and events. We as humans don't spend long enough observing and appreciating what is happening around us, we are all too busy with our own agenda's. But if you take a moment to stop and take it in there is a world of inspiration right there.

Podziel się z nami swoją ulubioną sentencją

there's too many to choose only one?

Opowiedz nam kiedy ostatnio zostałeś miłe zaskoczony

everyday is full of surprises. not all of them are good however!

Impreza nie jest dobra bez ...

good company.

Chciałbym mieć więcej ...

time, there is never enough of it in every aspect of life.

Lubisz noce?

Love em! Create most of my best pieces or concepts during the night hours. I used to sleep with my sketchbook. Now I don't tend to sleep!

Uwielbiam gdy ...

things go to plan, but I also quite enjoy it when they don't. I'm a contradiction of myself...and no, I'm not a Gemini :)

Kot czy pies?

Both, the dynamic of mixing elements is what life is about! Sometimes things that perhaps shouldn't go together just kinda do and the chemistry can be amazing!

Gdybyś nie mógł dłużej malować to ...

I'd cook!

Ulubione danie? ...

Seafood...I love it all :)

Bach, Elvis czy Madonna


Nieśmiertelność chciałbym spędzić jako ...

The sea...

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