Informacje o artyście:


At the Beginning There Was Stone
Words from the artist…

I painted two stones as a study into a sudden flash of thought I received. I painted them, one hanging above the other. Oh dear, my inspiration. These stones were different from the heavy lying ones. There will forever be tension between them. Stones levitate. It was my first stimulus and it needed to be considered. From stones still life emanates, from stones human drama can be created. By arranging stones and other various components into mutual combinations, chords of feeling can be created. These cords of feeling radiate the human experience.

I create new shapes with my fantasy and onto empty stages I place the players of dramatic experience; puppets; stony mountains; sand; wood; metal...myself the scenarist, costume designer, lighting technician, director. My own Commedia dell Monde.

I create not for an admiration of the past, but for the fulfillment of desiring the creation of something eternal in this hastily changing world. This creation will resist the influence of time, opinion and technology. I create intimate works forming their own world by using only the imagination. Silence in the middle of noise.

About technique:

I adapted medieval painting recipes from Cennino Cennini (II Libro dell Arte, ca.1398) and applied them to the detailed execution of my work. With modern materials I completed the technical aspects of the artwork were it would be most effective.

The frame provides the psychological distance by surrounding the picture. Consequently, the frame protects the soft painting in the middle with its massiveness physically. From the very beginning, my intention was to create a unique frame for every picture, and after several failed attempts from specialists, I came up with the conclusion that I must create the whole frame by myself. Only the artist by himself can, if he is capable, complete the unity of his work. Into the frame I enclosed not only various shapes and kinds of wood, stone and other natural materials connected to the pictures, but I also enclosed my careful artwork and my own personal fantasy.

The final product comes after many hours of demanding work. The entire procedure of production has been repeated eighteen times, and as a result, mechanically reliable and original frames have been produced as a necessary supplement to the art.