Informacje o artyście:


     Tatyana Binovskaya is a Ukrainian born artist, portraitist, activist, gallerist and cultural guide currently residing in Cape Town - South Africa.
    Born in the city of Artiomovsk, Donetsk region of Ukraine (USSR).
    1973 - Tatyana Binovskaya graduated from Grekov's Art College, Odessa, Ukraine.
    1989 - Tatyana Binovskaya created the first private Art Gallery on Soviet Territory, one of its kind ART STUDIO “Na Uyutnoy” became the "perestroika" highlight of freedom and over the years hosted some of the most unique artists exhibitions and cultural events. Often compared to Parisian ROTONDA Café – UYUTNAYA was the place to be in the 90th Odessa.
    1993 - 2009 Tatyana Binovskaya masterminded and supervised one of the most prestigious and interesting exhibiting spaces in Eastern Europe - The Maritime Art Gallery.
    1997 – Tatyana Binovskaya was commissioned by De Medichi Hotel in Brugge, Belgium to create a mural in the ancient and rare technique of “cold enqaustique”.
    1996 – 2008 Tatyana Binovskaya created and supervised seven Biannual MARINA Art Fairs inviting hundreds of artists from all over the world.