Chmielewski Piotr
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Informacje o artyście:

Subtlety, repetition, reductive form and seductive surfaces come together Piotr Chmielewski minimalistic artwork. His work are flat and hang on the wall, but ultimately become sculptural objects rather than simply paintings. The paintings exploit the properties of flat and relief space that is window-like. There is little perspective and palette is reductive as well. His work is reserved and elegant in its exhibition of patterns and golden hues. Chmielewski explores notions of beauty, serenity, and aesthetic value as they may be attached to patterning and subtle marks. This concentration on what might be considered a type of ephemeral beauty must actually be deeper once we learn that Chmielewski childhood was marked by a traumatic and life-changing fire in which he saved his cousin, but was himself burned. Over 40 surgical procedures during his childhood helped Chmielewski readjust. This experience has shaped his approach to art and life, and has left Chmielewski with a remarkably optimistic outlook. His work dwells on abstract beauty than narrative. Yet, his conception of beauty and form feels triumphant in a way that is nearly narrative.