Informacje o artyście:

AWARDS\r\n1988 Board of Education, City of Toronto\r\n1989 Nora Marnie\r\n1991 David W. Bain \r\n1992 Women’s Art Association of Canada\r\n1993 The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation\r\n1995 The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation \r\n2004 Graphic Exchange Digital Art Award\r\n\r\nSELECTED EXHIBITIONS\r\n1988 Group Show, The Franklin Carmichael Art Center, Toronto\r\n1991 Group Show, Open House: OCA, Toronto\r\n1991 One-Man Show, Ultra Gallery, Toronto \r\n1992 Group Show, Polish Cultural Center, Toronto\r\n1992 Group Show, Open House: OCA, Toronto\r\n1993 Group Show, Gallery 7, Toronto\r\n1994 Group Show, OCA Off-Campus Exhibition, Florence, Italy\r\n1994 Group Show, La Vita: Flair Gallery, Toronto\r\n1995 Group Show, Colores, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico\r\n1998 One-Man Show, D&E Lake Gallery, Toronto\r\n1998 Group Show, Canadian Painters in Mexico, D&E Lake Gallery, Toronto\r\n1998 Group Show, Toronto in Art, D&E Lake Gallery, Toronto\r\n1998 Group Show, Canadian Drawings, D&E Lake Gallery, Toronto\r\n1999 Group Show, Toronto Outdoor Art Show, Toronto\r\n1999 One-Man Show, D&E Lake Gallery, Toronto\r\n2000 Group Show, Enoch Turner Historical Schoolhouse, Toronto \r\n2002 Group Show, Designers Walk, Toronto \r\n2004 Group Show, Crescent Hill Gallery, Mississauga\r\n2005 Group Show, Gallery 61, Toronto\r\n2005 Group Show, Vision of Expression, Toronto\r\n2006 Group Show, Vision of Expression, Toronto \r\n\r\nCOLLECTIONS\r\nD&E Lake, Canadian Post War Painters Collection\r\nToronto Board of Education, Permanent Art Collection\r\nPrivate collections in Canada, Great Britain, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, France, Mexico, Poland and USA. \r\n\r\nPUBLICITY RECORD\r\n1989 Rogers Television “First in Show, Franklin Carmichael Art Centre”\r\n1998 CFMT-TV, “Temperaments, Exhibition of Paintings by Miroslaw Pieprzyk”\r\n2002 The Mississauga News, “Young artists see things differently”\r\n2002 The Standard Newspaper, “A touch of paint”\r\n


1986 -`88 Studied painting under C. Williams, Chicago, USA

1988 -`89 Etobicoke School of the Arts, Canada

1989 -`95 Ontario College of Art- Bachelor of Fine Arts

  studied drawing under John Newman and Richard Robertson

  studied painting under Glenn Preistley

  studied sculpture under George Boileau 

       studied lithography under Rudolf Bikkers

1993 Florence, Italy off campus study

1996 Sheridan Colledge, Design