Plaw Leo
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Informacje o artyście:

Leo Plaw is known for narrative and figurative oil painting and drawing with brooding atmospheres. His works draw upon rich veins of imagery from myth and psychology, seeking to explore deeper and often disowned human motivations. While his stylistic influences include Old Masters and Academic Art, contemporary representational expressions are important for him also. For him the human figure on a canvas is like an actor on a stage, whose aim is to suspend the viewer’s disbelief and have them identify with the character or scene and enter into the experience.


Selected Exhibitons
2019    Group   Magical Dreams III, Bator Gallery, Szczyrk, Poland
2017    Dual    Atelier Moldovan, Vienna, Austria
2017    Group   Real Surreal Irreal, Bad Säckingen, Germany
2016    Group   Callas Art Affair, Callas Galerie, Bremen, Germany
2016    Group   Transmission, Galerie 10, Vienna, Austria
2015    Group   Magical Dreams III, Bator Gallery, Szczyrk, Poland
2015    Group   In Pulse of Life, Minoritenkloster, Tulln and der Donau, Austria
2013    Dual    Berlin Visions, Galerie Atelier III, Schlossinsel Rantzau, Barmstedt, Germany
2013    Group   Dreamscapes V, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2013    Group   Dreamscapses V, Viechtach Alt Rathaus, Viechtach, Germany
2012    Group   Austronauten, Viechtach Alt Rathaus, Viechtach, Germany
2011    Group   The Light Fantastic, Nova Belgica Gallery, Belgium
2010    Group   Chimeria Festival, Sedan, France
2010    Group    The Irresistible Flow of Time, Galerie 10, Vienna, Austria
2009    Group    International Fantastic Art Association, Tenri, Paris, France
2009    Group    In Meinem Traum, Galerie Atelier III, Schlossinsel Rantzau, Barmstedt, Germany
2009    Group    Sacred Art Exhibition, Lofthouse Gallery, Wessobrunn, Germany
2008    Group    Visions Gallery, Liminal Village, Boom Festival, Portugal
2008    Group    Fantasmus Presents Art of Imagination, Saeby, Denmark
2008    Group    International Fantastic Arts Association, Kyoto, Japan
2005    Group    ArtTricity, Berlin, Germany
2005    Group    KAP Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2005    Group    Sommerwender, Gallery 23, Berlin, Germany
2005    Group    Festival of Fantasy and Imagination, Lauderdale House, London, U.K.
2005    Group    Myth and Magic Exhibition, Obsidian Art, Stoke Mandeville, U.K.
2004    Group    Querschnitt 17, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
2004    Group    Art Visionary Collection, Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Australia
2004    Group    Art Visionary Collection, Manning Regional Gallery, Australia
2004    Group    Art Visionary Collection, Riddoch Regional Gallery, Australia
2003    Group    Art Visionary Collection, Orange Regional Gallery, Orange, Australia
2003    Group    Art Visionary Collection, Global Arts Link, Ipswich, Australia
2002    Solo    Arthouse Hotel, Sydney, Australia
2002    Group    Paramatta Heritage Centre, Paramatta, Australia
2000    Group    Amfora Artists Retrospective, Amfora Studio Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
2000    Group    Steel Reid Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
1999    Solo    Eves on the River, Brisbane, Australia
1999    Group    Campbell Mahony Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
1999    Group    Mc Whirters Artist Emporium, Mc Whirters, Brisbane, Australia
1995    Group    Rites of Love, Lava Lodge, Brisbane, Australia
1995    Group    Starving Artist, The Paint Factory, Brisbane, Australia
1993    Group    Amfora Gallery, Brisbane

Selected Publications
2015    Magical Dreams III 2015, Bartor Art Gallery, ISBN 9788391299845
2013    Dreamscapes V, RE-Art Imaginary Editions, ISBN 978-94-90668-05-1
2009    Imagine the Imagination, nEgoist, ISBN 978-83-927078-2-0
2009    Earth Rites Magazine – Issue 5, The Invisible College, ISBN 18-93075-56-7
2007    The Cryptopedia, Citadel Press, ISBN-13: 978-0806528199
2007    Metamorphosis – 50 Fantastic and Visionary Artists, beinArt Publishing, ISBN 9780980323108