• солнце Yaroslav Leonets
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In pursuit of the benefits of civilization, people forget that there is the highest value on Earth. Nature is life. In a broad sense, nature is understood as all living things. In a narrower sense, it is interpreted as a suburban area, hence the expression «go to nature.» Despite the fact that a person is surrounded by nature every minute, in the city the connection with nature is not felt as in the countryside. Man and nature are inextricably linked with each other. A person not only lives in the environment of nature, he regularly uses its resources. But, the desire for comfort not only kills the love of nature, but also nature itself. Many people simply believe that nature owes everything to man. Using natural resources, you must at least value them and treat mother nature like a human. Love for nature must be instilled from childhood. Nature is inherently unpredictable. One day can give a gentle sun, and another bring a destructive element. Even ancient thinkers noticed that nature can take revenge. He gives life and can end it very quickly.