• жилой дом Yaroslav Leonets
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Everyone knows that a coin has two sides. One depicts an eagle, and the other a tail of coin. The two sides are different, but they are folded into one indivisible coin. So is man, he is bilateral, so to speak. One is all that can be seen, the so-called external. Another deep, something that is not visible to the eye, it can only be felt and only when someone really opens up to you. Also in nature there are two sides of reality. One natural, very diverse and unique. The other is sensual, it can only be felt, it, unlike the first, has much more power and only there you can find real comfort and shelter. An analogy of our soul. After all, we are a reflection of nature, no matter how much we want to avoid it. This series of works is divided into subseries. In each of them I consider various objects or phenomena of nature. The main idea and value of the work is to find clearly the two sides of reality. Feel them and observe not only through the prism of beauty, but also sensations. Not only superficially, as sometimes due to the way of depiction, or the beauty of the depicted moment, the curiosity of the situation. But also through the inner side, where there is an opportunity to plunge into a certain feeling, whether true (natural), or contradiction. To find an image that will be as accurate and subtle as possible, not only to describe a situation or an object, but also to create a certain thought, and sometimes even a subjective state of my soul.