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Probably there is no such artist who would not paint flowers. I really love flowers, a lot of flowers! I can't help but paint flowers. I see an incredible amount of color and shades in them and I want to paint all this. It is the flowers that inspire me, and I can take a long time to consider each flower and the life that happens on flowers: bees, butterflies, various insects .. This time I wanted to draw purple roses. This color is very beautiful and one of my favorite colors. I also selected the color of the paper in order to reveal the beauty of roses in this color as best as possible. Pastel. Paper. 30x24 cm Please be aware that colors may differ between the actual drawing and the screen image due to the results of my digital camera and monitor. I do not choose frames for my paintings. I want you to do it yourself - the way you like it. But I can do it if you want it.