Информация о художнике:


Tatiana Zaretskaya, born in 1960 in Novocherkassk, the capital of the Don Cossacks. She also studied at the art school there. After graduation, she went to learn the secrets of mastery in St. Petersburg. She visited the Art Studio of V. I. Suvorov, a great teacher, a student of Chistyakov and Repin. Where it absorbed the traditions of Russian impressionism, which left an imprint on all subsequent work, gave a characteristic brushstroke inherent in the Leningrad school of painting. Then he studied at the LVHPU named after MUKHINA, now Stieglitz. But as such, after a long break, I took up art recently, due to life circumstances. She developed her own style, which she describes as "sentimental impressionism". A peculiar vision of the world, pearly semitones, airiness-these are the basics of the principles of Zaretskaya's creativity.
Member of the SHR, PSHR. Personal exhibitions in Rostov, Krasnodar, multiple participation in the exhibition Art-Rostov. His works are in private collections in Russia, the United States, Israel, Turkey, Japan and other countries