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Ritual Android Sacrifice (Immediately clarify, I have a good attitude to Android). Episode of an uncertain future. In the center of the picture is the symbol of Android. He is sacrificed. Beheading. On the right is his executioner with a sword. Above, god or cleric, he is greatly outraged. On the left, the figure of a simple person who is connected. He can only watch the episode. Ritual is important. Gods need it to win. The "Dance of Paradigm" collection consists of large-sized 120 сm by 140 сm canvases. Ideas are taken from my series of sketches «Internal empiric» (more than 300 works from 2018). I wanted to transfer them to large canvases. Used oil, acrylic and other paints. Combined many techniques. Already ready 25-30 paintings. The pictures turn out energetic and bright. I'm happy about it. Thanks for you attention.