Fomina Victoria
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Informazioni sull'artista:


Graduated from Moscow High School of Architecture.

A member of the Association of Moscow Book Illustrators and Designers.

 Нave illustrated more than 30 books published and republished  in Russia, USA, South Korea, Taiwan, Switzerland, Brazil, Italy, France: “Nursery Rhymes”, “The Legend of  Doctor Faust” by Johann Spiess, “Fairy Tales for the theatre” by C. Gozzi, “East of the Sun and West of the Moon” “Giselle” by Adolphe Adam,  “Thumbelina” and  ”The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen, “The Water of Life” by Grimm brothers ", “A Christmas Carol"  by Ch. Dickens, “Alice in Wonderland'' by Lewis Carroll “Midsummer Night's Dream” and “The Merchant of Venice” by W. Shakespeare, “Planet of Christmas Trees” by Gianni Rodari etc.  

 “I have an architectural education. And I like this profession. I build the whole world in every new book. And in real space I work as the designer, I project interiors, furniture, fixtures, tableware, fabrics.

I simply like to draw very much. It gives to me physical pleasure. My everyday life also allows many occasions to be glad and be inspired. I love the sun, the sea, theatre, fairy tales, fishes, birds. I like mountains very much, and also bright cities - Venice, Vienna, Prague, Rome, St. Petersburg, Madrid. I love my friends very much and I like to travel! All these things give me pleasure which I wish to share. Therefore I draw!

I like paints on a water basis - a water color, gouache, acrylic. They are mobile and I fill some spontaneity when I draw. They give a miracle a chance to infiltrate "into this world».

When I draw, it seems to me that I open the next unknown country. I see, what are   landscapes, and how people are dressed, etc. The most important thing is - it must be interesting to me to travel there. And pictures will be interesting to»


 1997 – Winner of competition held by the State Committee of Printing, Russia.
1998 – 1 Professional Prize “The Golden Ostap”, Russia
1999 – 1 prize “The Golden Pen of Belgrade” Serbia
2003 – 1 prize “The Golden Apple” Bratislava, Slovakia
2009 -- Diploma of Tallinn Illustrators Triennial “Power of Pictures”, Estonia.

 Main exhibitions

1997 Biennial of Illustration. Bratislava, Slovakia.
1998 Selected illustrators from BIB. Hiroko Mori & Stasys Museum. Okumonobe Art museum. Art Gallery of Daiwa Niigata. Baiennosato Art Gallery. Japan.
1998 Biennale of book graphics. International Biennial of Illustration. Belgrade, Serbia.
1999  “The Best Book Graphics”. Central House Children's Books, Moscow
2001 Biennale of European illustrations. Japan.
2001 Biennale of book graphics. International Biennial of Illustration. Belgrade, Serbia.
2002 Bologna International Exhibition of illustrations. Bologna International illustration. Bologna, Italy.
2002 International Book Exhibition. Taipei (Taiwan)
2002 BIB Japan. Urawa Art Museum. Japan.
2002Illustrators of Children's books. Itabashi Art Museum. Tokyo. Japan.
2002 Participation in a multicultural, multi-media project «Responding to Climat Change" UNFCC
2003 BIB Japan. Kijo Ehon-no Sato Gallery. Iida City Museum. Japan.
2003 Bratislava World illustration. Bratislava, Slovakia.
2003 Power of Pictures. Tallinn. Estonia.
2004 Bologna International Exhibition of illustrations. Bologna, Italy.
2004 Illustrators of Children's books. Itabashi Art Museum. Tokyo. Japan.
2005 Bratislava World illustration. Bratislava, Slovakia.
2005 "Russian holidays." Geneva. Switzerland.
2005 “Un automne russe à Bordeaux”. The exhibition of book graphics. France.
2006 “Power of Pictures”. Tallinn. Estonia.
2006 Performance "The Birth of  things!" Moscow.
2007 The "Little Tragedies" for the exhibition Isaloni Worldwide. Moscow.
2008 Exhibition  "Clockwork Chicken" in the cultural center "Dom." (With Katya Silina). Moscow.
2009 “Power of Pictures”. Tallinn. Estonia.
2009 Exhibition "Five Russian artists." Gallery "Illustratsioonigalerii". Tallinn. Ilon Wikland Museum. Haapsalu. Estonia.
2009 Project "Millionaires." Millionaire Fair. Moscow.
2010 "
Solo Exhibition “Thumbelina" gallery "Korpus 3". Moscow.
2011 Sea Fairy Tales. Eurajoki. Finland.
2011-2012 "Dear JAPAN. Messages of hope from picture book artists around the world ". Itabashi (Tokyo), Chiyoda (Tokyo), Kanazawa (Ishikawa), Sendai (Miyagi). Japan.
2012 “Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales”. Kuressaare (Saaremaa). Estonia
2012 "Two Centuries After". Casa Saraceni. Bologna. Italy.

2013 Solo Exhibition. Jointly with  Katya Silina. Gallery "Illustratsioonigalerii". Tallinn

2013 “Paper Castles”. Jointly with Katya Silina.   Russian State Library for children. Moscow

2013 Russian illustrators in Frankfurt. Germany

2013 – Solo Exhibition. “Line. Color. Space”. (Jointly with Zurab Tsereteli).

2014 «English books in Russian style” The Museum of Pushkin. Moscow

2014  «Bee Art». Gallery Faszination Art. Hamburg.

2015 “Cats in the Manege”. Moscow