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Robert Andler-Lipski  is a visual artist, designer and author. Born in Poland in 1968, since 2005 living and working in the United Kingdom. He studied Methodology of Arts Teaching and Philosophy (Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland). Also completed Artistic Tapestry Weaving (Poland) and Mosaic Design (Italy).
Robert Andler-Lipski is a committed artist of a humanistic frame of mind and exceptionally individualistic sensitivity. Generally understanding nature, elusive emotions, momentary impressions and the universalism of the human’s beauty, they are the main inspirations for his creativity.
He is experimenting with a wide range of styles, materials and subject matters. Specializing in mixed media collage, also in new media collagraphy created both manually and digitally represented as a prints on a various mediums such as aluminium or wood. During his artistic work he is strongly influenced by impressionism and fauvism, also by modern abstract art, trying to find out his individual way to compromising them.
Robert Andler-Lipski is known for philosophical term of “stochastism” in visual arts, for the very first time used by himself in 2015 to describe his own style of contemporary mixed media creative process. Stochastism in visual art, according to him, is: “some particular type of an abstract reflection characterized by the apparent randomness of the composition. It is multifaceted reflection of the artistic perception. It is a search for some consensus between deep layers of subconscious which is constantly stimulated by the external incentives and by conscious actions of mind”.
His works are included in institutional and private collections worldwide, e.g. in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea.
Recent exhibitions:
2014 - "Infatuation"  - The Brick Lane Gallery  in London, United Kingdom
2015 - “Complicated Simplicity” - Bede's World Museum in Jarrow – Newcastle upon Tyne,  United Kingdom
2015/16 - “Intuition. Stochastic Abstract” - Bede's World Museum in Jarrow – Newcastle upon Tyne,  United Kingdom
2016 - "Relativity" - Marzia Frozen Gallery in Berlin, Germany
2016 - "Cosmographie" - Varco Centre in Roma, Italy
2017 - "Erotica Mente" - Satura Gallery in Genova, Italy
2018 – Art Revolution 5th Edition of Grand Prix Expo in Taipei, Taiwan
Selected publications:
“The Woman On The Wind” – poetry, Poland 1995
“Dead Face Of Tomorrow” – poetry, Poland 1999
“The Nonsense Collector” – poetry, Poland 2003
“Complicated Simplicity” - contemporary collage, UK 2015
“Intuition. Stochastic Abstracts” – UK, 2016
“6 Abstract Souls” – art album, UK 2017

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