Informationen über den Künstler:

My art is about life. It expresses what I feel about people, places, and experiences around me. In order to create a painting, I need to feel a connection with a subject and see what that subject means to me. I need to see and feel every detail of it. When I immerse myself in something that I want to paint, the idea for the painting becomes clear to me. Because I start painting without knowing exactly how it will turn out, as I put those first colors on the support, I am always nervous about what I am doing, because I do not know where I am going with it. But as I continue, one technique or color leads to another, and I just know how to move on. If it feels right, I can continue. If not, I have to set it aside until I am inspired to go on… I make paintings with all techniques I need to express myself. charcoal, ink or oil, acryl, fire since 2001 atelier in Cologne, Germany favorite is always charcoal and ink (deeper black)


I’am a painter, illustrator and designer working with old used paper. 


I enjoy working in many different media ranging from charcoal, photos and ink to collage and paintings.

Old pages come to new life. Old postcards, books, newspapers or music manuals combined with new paintings regain its former glory.Old paper is perfectly suited for painting with ink, coffee and wine. Ink does not smudge on the paper, nor does it wrinkle when it is wet. While painting with wine and coffee on new sheets of paper, the colors appear changed, red wine turns purple and brown coffee become grey. The paper also begins to stick and crease, which doesn’t happen with old paper. Ink applied to old paper retains its unique black. It is opening new possibilities of painting. Large amounts of ink or coffee do not destroy the painting, moreover it adds more movement and emotions to my work. In almost all of my work I try to use old paper, some dating back more than 100 years. These combined with old postcards and stamps I get a very unique result at the end. My technique of wet stamping with various materials, such as jeans, rags and leather, give my paintings the expression of realism and truth.

2004 - Oil Exhibition - Arnsberg

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Private collections at Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, England, Greece, Canada, United States, Australia and Malaysia

2012-2013 Current & Upcoming Selected Group Exhibitions 

2014 - Collective Ink, Acryl Exhibition - Cologne

1997 University of Szczecin

2001 West Pomeranian University

Practice Art Education,

Fine Art - Painting Major,