Lys Anry
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Informationen über den Künstler:

Anry Lys is a contemporary abstract artist living and working in Ukraine.

Currently Anry sells and exhibits her work almost exclusively online, represented by Saatchi Art and other platforms. He sells both portfolio work and creates substantial commissions for both private and corporate clients.
His paintings are present in private collections in Europe, in United States and the East.

Anry Lys is a professional artist, graduated from the Lviv National Academy of Arts, and the Ukrainian Academy of Printing, where he received a master's degree, who takes inspiration from great artists such as Jackson Pollock, Claude Monet and Mark Rothko. A great lover of walks and traveling, he draws most of his inspiration from nature. In this way, the love of beauty and color emerges through his technique, and is instantly noticed by the viewer.

"I am inspired by the nature around me, from flourishing meadows to the crashing waves in the ocean, however I do like to add my own twist on things. I do love to work freely with abstract using colours and textures to guide me.
For me Art is a necessity, I need to paint. The colours and images that swirl round my head daily I capture on canvas.
I love colour and texture and in my work am always attempting to use these elements to create a harmonious balance."

Anry Lys's artistic research is inspired by hes love for our planet. The artist wihes to move away from the conventional landscape and immerse the viewer in an unusual universe. He paints in acrylics with an energizing color palette, and uses the dripping technique, creating a harmony between textures and colors to suggest plant life.

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* Ukrainian Academy of Printing, where received a master's degree

* Lviv National Academy of Arts, where received a bachelor's degree