• Дух Yaroslav Leonets
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We are humans and each of us has our own life. We are so immersed in it that we do not see others. Often seeing the problems of others, we are sure that this can never happen to us. After all, how can anything happen to us if we follow certain rules: live by the rules of our country, morality or social status. But not believing others and not wanting to change something, we fall into the trap just like everyone else. We believe that we are one with nature. Also, that man is the crown of nature and decides everything for everyone. What do you think? But often we do not notice how we destroy it, as animals and plants. And the world around us is being destroyed. Nature so fragile to the outside world that we begin to truly experience the effects of our rule. The environmental situation is deteriorating every year and it is difficult to imagine how our children and grandchildren will live. What awaits them and what we will leave them. In this series, people are like a fairy or a spirit. For her is all possible and which works many miracles. But soon nature will remain only artificial. And can we exist without her? And nature can undoubtedly do without us.