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Born in Casoria (NA) Italy, she's graduated in Modern Literature the Istituto Universitario Orientale of Naples. She worked as an actress in theater, television and cinema. Her interest in painting has prevailed over the entertainment world. She learned from a self-taught oil technique by copying the Old Masters.
In my figurative conceptual compositions, there are two parallel worlds, the real and the virtual, which merge and mingle. The presence of the mouse pointer in the paintings symbolizes the illusion that a click would be enough to change the order of things. Besides I add some comics on the walls, which symbolize my desire for freedom of expression, because I feel trapped in hyperrealism.
All my works are oil on canvas.
Nelle mie composizioni figurative di carattere concettuale, rappresento due mondi paralleli, il reale ed il virtuale, che si fondono e si confondono. La presenza del puntatore del mouse all'interno delle composizioni simboleggia l'illusione che basterebbe un click per cambiare l'ordine delle cose. Inoltre aggiungo dei personaggini a fumetti, simboli del mio desiderio di libertà espressiva perché mi sento prigioniera dell'iperrealismo.