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Last Rulers of the Universe Continuing the theme as the painting "The Last Don". The two last rulers of the universe. She has a headdress and a Napoleon medal, modified for her. The look and image of Cleopatra. Her appearance is the eclecticism of all symbols of power and ideologies. He has a crown and attributes of the Pharaoh. In the hands of pitchfork, hammer and sickle - shows all the way the rulers went to this power. We see the result. The "Dance of Paradigm" collection consists of large-sized 120 сm by 140 сm canvases. Ideas are taken from my series of sketches «Internal empiric» (more than 300 works from 2018). I wanted to transfer them to large canvases. Used oil, acrylic and other paints. Combined many techniques. Already ready 25-30 paintings. The pictures turn out energetic and bright. I'm happy about it. Thanks for you attention.