Информация о художнике:


Kozlovska Maryna was born 31st of January, 1984 in Ukraine.
Education: Kyiv National University of culture and arts (2006), Kamianets-Podilskyi Ivan Ohienko National University (2012)
The artist began her professional activity in 2001. She lives and works in Ukraine (Kamianets-Podilskyi city)
Signature: Graphically styled artist’s initials (М.К.). There is the year of creating the canvas near the signature.
Style: postimpressionism, avant-garde.
Other spheres of activity: art critic, lecturer of painting and decorative-applied art, decorative-applied art painter (embroidering with thread, brocade, beads, painting on cloth, glass and ceramics), wall painting.
Artist’s works are in:
Kamianets-Podilskyi state historical museum-reserve,
Zaporizhzhia regional art museum, Zaporizhzhia
Private collections: in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany, Israel, Canada and the USA.
Maryna Kozlovska’s works are the outstanding ones in the modern world of art. Her works are easy to recognize. Classic painting school’s traditions and modern avant-garde – impressionist tendencies are naturally connected in the artist’s pictures. Her brushstroke is energetic, often massive, sometimes translucent, and full of emotions and feelings. Artist’s pictures are painted in an unordinary stylistic manner.  Most of them reflect the world full of unusual beauty and uniqueness. Time and space, imagination and memories, dreams and fantasies are tightly interlaced in pictures. The canvas’s palette creates a deep emotional background.
Kozlovska Maryna creates in painting her own tradition with poetic thinking, bright imagination, and tender perception of the surrounding world.
Nature and a human, the earth and the sky, sea and the sun, history and modern world characterize artist’s creative work. They express striving to harmony, perfection, and love.