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Peter Gric was born 1968 in former Czechoslovakia. When he was a boy, his family were granted permission to holiday outside of the strictly controlled socialist territories. Unbeknown to him, his parents never planned to return, and driving to Austria instead of their state approved holiday destination, where they applied for residency.

He studied under professor Arik Brauer at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna who was one of the original members of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism. Peter therefore is among the next generation of artists influenced from this movement.[citation needed]

In 2007, Peter commenced a stage design for the SamPlay production "Hamlet in Rock".[1] That same year, Peter's work appeared in an international publication, "Metamorphosis - 50 Contemporary Surreal, Fantastic and Visionary Artists" (ISBN 978-0-9803231-0-8).

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