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My oil and mixed media paintings, combines layers of paint with fragments of collage. I usually develop most of a painting in one session. This helps keeps the colour alive and fresh! When the second session of painting begins, I scratch through sections of collage and paint to reveal layers and textures from beneath. Paint is flicked, thrown, printed and brushed onto the canvas.  My intention is to show a personal sense of place.  I use photographs, and drawings from location to develop work back in the studio.  Different weather and light are the focus, where different painted marks can create different spaces.  Obvious shapes are combined with more subtle ambiguous references taking inspiration from the Symbolists.

I want to combine elements of reality with a playful sense of abstraction. I think total recognition inhibits the imagination. Turner is one of my main inspirations, especially his later work. His sense of light in painting is magical.  I am a keen traveller and more recently cyclist.  Being outdoors on a regular basis, links with my need to connect with nature and never take it for granted.

I have been a finalist in many competitions over the years and exhibited nationally, in both group and solo shows. Recently I gained an award at the Society of Women Artists exhibition, at the Mall galleries 2010.  I was given the “Rosemary and Co Award” for a Winter forest painting. In November 2011 The House of Lords bought two paintings to go in their permanent collection.  I currently have work selected for the Cork street open exhibition in London; selected by Edward Lucie Smith (Art Historian)  My paintings are represented with a number of Local galleries as well as London and Northumbria. I am currently looking at extending work abroad.