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Tomasz Sętowski - artist's paintings (paintings: 105)


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Tomasz Sętowski’s paintings are classified as: Fantasy Land, Fantasy Characters and People. As the artist himself claims on his official website: Journeys into the land of fantasy are a search for treasures which I would like to share. His paintings stir the imagination of the viewer and open their eyes to the treasures that the artist has to offer. According to Sętowski, a mind is in fact a dream factory. This is perfectly illustrated by his works of art, full of colors, complicated shapes and constructions which are irregularly mixed with each other in various poses and compositions. The artist believes that the painting’s main function is to travel and change owners – that is why Sętkowski gladly "gets rid of” his works and hands them over to galleries. Tomasz Sętowski is a Częstochowa-born artist who in his successful career has so far held as many as 70 exhibitions in Poland and abroad (in e.g. New York, Las Vegas, and Dubai). He is a versatile artist – he creates paintings and sculptures, designs graphic art, and draws. He also has created cover illustrations for the popular ”Nowa Fantastyka” magazine. In 2010 he opened in his hometown his own unique art gallery called ”Museum of Imagination” – a one-of-a-kind place where one can feel as if in the very center of one of Sętowski’s fairytale-like works. Paintings by Tomasz Sętowski are described as magic realist due to the above-mentioned abundance of magic, phantasmagoric, and unreal elements.
(paintings: 105)