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Tomasz Alen Kopera - artist's paintings (paintings: 54)


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Tomasz Alen Kopera’s paintings are classified as: Fantasy Land, Fantasy Characters and People. The artist’s works are primarily focused on a human being who is often portrayed as a deformed and lost figure torn by different extreme emotions, taking the shape of magic trees and rhizomes. Fire and wings (which, according to the artist, symbolise a space of freedom) constitute recurring motifs, too. In Kopera’s art one can discern both fairytale-like and apocalyptic worlds. Kopera is fascinated by darkness, fantasy, and mystery, and is inspired by such painters as Gustave Dor or Zdzisław Beksiński. The artist creates his paintings with the use of a layering technique which makes the painting process time-consuming and laborious. None of his paintings has a title since, as the author claims, a title is already an interpretation and each viewer has a right to their own subjective feelings and judgements. Tomasz Alen Kopera was born in 1976 and is an engineer by education. In May 2003, he held his debut exhibition in the AGORA Cultural Center in Wrocław. In the following years, his works have been presented in numerous galleries outside Poland, e.g. in London, Paris, and Vienna, and at various competitions and art festivals. Tomasz Alen Kopera’s works are embedded in surrealism.
(paintings: 54)