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Stanisław Młodożeniec - artist's paintings (paintings: 89)


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Stanisław Młodożeniec is a Polish painter currently living and working in New York, the city he readily portrays in his works. His paintings draw on the traditions of the great avant-garde movements of the mid-20th century: realism or the opposite - abstract art. Młodożeniec’s works represent parallel explicit, almost reportage-like images and figurative abstract compositions and visions. Stanisław Młodożeniec’s major inspiration is the city, especially the above-mentioned New York – a vibrant metropolis bustling with life, huge billboard ads, music coming from bars open 24/7 and the constant rush of hundreds of thousands of people. The artist painted quite a few of his paintings from photos which enabled him to capture the profound realism of a given moment. Młodożeniec’s painting also draws a lot from abstract art, which is visible in his simplification of the portrayed figures, their blurred, at times illusive faces and limbs. The painter was born in 1953 in a well-known artistic family. He is a grandson of the famous poet Stanisław Młodożeniec, son of graphic designer Jan and brother of illustrator Piotr. He is a graduate of the Painting Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where he studied under the guidance of professors M. Bylina and J. Sienicki. Stanisław Młodożeniec’s works of art can be seen at numerous solo and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad, e.g. in Warsaw and Poznań, as well as New York, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, and Toronto.
(paintings: 89)