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Maxymilian Novak Zempliński - artist's paintings (paintings: 17)


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Maxymilian Novak Zempliński is a Polish artist creating easel painting with the oils and acrylic paints, as well as trompe-l'œil paintings and sometimes sculptures. His style is difficult to classify to any particular trends in contemporary art. Zempliński’s paintings are characterized by his individual style inspired by, among others, fantasy, surrealism and realism, and they veer between various artistic styles and dimensions. Most of the artist’s paintings are landscapes. He rarely paints figures, and even if he does so, they are often portrayed in such a way that it is difficult to identify them as humans since they seem to look more like extraterrestrial beings. In his work the artist often uses weather motifs such as clouds, the sun and sky. All this intensifies the atmosphere of anxiety and wonder which exudes from the paintings and possibly makes Zempliński’s art so popular nowadays. Each of Zempliński’s works is painted with undeniably perfect technique and skill. The artist pays a lot of attention to the finishing touches to his work and the final effect his paintings create. He is very much inspired by the techniques of old masters. The artist was born in 1974 in Warsaw. In 1999 he graduated with honors from the Faculty of Painting at the European Academy of Arts under Prof. A. Fałat and Prof. A.A. Sadowski. Maxymilian Novak Zempliński’s paintings are highly esteemed and can be found in numerous art collections in Poland and abroad.
(paintings: 17)