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Jarosław Jaśnikowski - artist's paintings (paintings: 86)


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Jarosław Jaśnikowski is a Polish painter and one of the leading representatives of fantastic realism in our country. His surrealistic paintings constitute a kind of account of the artist’s journey to some unknown fantastic worlds and realities. Each of his paintings presents a story about unexplored lands, so different from the real ones that are familiar to us in which the laws of physics and specific properties of matter prevail. In his art Jaśnikowski also uses Gothic elements and motifs, fantastic machines and vehicles. His paintings seem to be shrouded in dark mystery, which adds to their unique style and atmosphere. The artist was born in 1976 in Legnica and started painting in 1991. Initially Jaśnikowski was mainly inspired by sci-fi art but after a couple of years he became interested in surrealism (with the art of Salvador Dali being one of his major influences), and then fantastic realism (under the influence of Wojciech Siudmak’s painting exhibition). In 1998 he started his education at the School of Fine Arts in Głogów, from which he graduated three years later with a diploma in painting under the guidance of Telemach Pilitsidis. Jaśnikowski has held a number of solo and group exhibitions. He was granted the Mayor of the City of Legnica Award for his artistic achievements. His paintings are becoming more and more popular and can be found in numerous collections in Poland and abroad. The artist currently lives and works in Pasiecznik, a village at the foot of the Izera Mountains.
(paintings: 86)