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Anastazja Markowicz - artist's paintings (paintings: 3)


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Anastasiya Markovich is a Ukrainian painter born in the city of Briceni. In 1990 she started her art studies at the Chernivtsi Art School (from which she graduated with honors), and in 2009-2012 she studied at the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. She has held numerous solo and group exhibitions all over the world, including at the Lviv National Museum, in Kiev and Bucharest. She has been featured in many press articles and publications. Anastasiya Markovich’s paintings combine surrealism and magic realism, and include elements of fantasy, magic, fables, and myths. The painter was raised by an artistically gifted family, and from a young age was surrounded by literature which shaped her perception of reality – a trait that is reflected in her artistic creativity even today. In her works, the artist searches for an answer to the question: Who is a human really? Where is his or her place in the universe? Markovich is fascinated by nature, the world and the universe and the way they influence each other, and gives expression to those interests in her unusual paintings which burst with unparalleled energy. Her most widely known works include: ”The Birth of Soul/Narodziny duszy”, ”Face of Desire/Oblicze pragnienia”, ”Dream of Freedom/Sen o wolności”, ”Terra”, ”Mysteriousness/Tajemniczość”, and ”The Inca Princess/Księżniczka Inków”. Paintings by Anastasiya Markovich are gaining in popularity and prestige. The painter currently lives and works in Poland, but she is also actively engaged in the artistic development of her hometown, Chernivtsi.
(paintings: 3)