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Rules and regulations

Touch of Art Gallery, represented by Pawel Kaminski,  is not a side in conflicts between the Artists, and the Clients of the Gallery, except the situations caused by the workers of the Gallery.  The Gallery is not responsible for abuses resulting from illegal use of the copyrights by the Artists, which results in any damages in properties of third parties. If a piece of art (a painting, a sculpture, a print or a frame) is damaged during transportation from the Gallery to the Customer, the Gallery bears the financial responsibility for the damage if a parcel is insured. We always advice to insure the parcels. The Gallery is not responsible for the damage during transportation from the Artist to the Gallery.

Shipment costs
All the shipment and insurance costs are covered by the Customer. The costs are calculated due to the current rates of a chosen shipping company. If a piece of art is send outside the European Union, the costs of the necessary expertise and of the allowance is covered by the Gallery.

The Gallery is not an internet shop. The offer of the Gallery is not a trading offer.
Photos of the paintings or other items presented in the Gallery may slightly differ from the originals. The given prices may be temporarily invalid (not current), and not all the presented paintings are currently available for purchase, and this is why we ask our Customers to contact us before the purchase ([email protected] or phone: +48 696 46 92 46), to check or to confirm the availability of a given piece of art. The Gallery is not responsible for any payments, and additional costs resulting from the payments or advances, if availability of a piece of art, as well as the validity of its price, had not been previously confirmed by the Gallery.
Following the law of European Union, we offer our Customers the Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that we reserve ourselves the right to return the purchased painting within 10 working days, counting from the purchase date. The Gallery covers all the shipping costs.

Non-material values
The owner of the Gallery, Pawel Kaminski, is entitled to deleting from the Gallery any artistic works that violate personal or moral goods of other people or groups of people, or are abusive, insulting or vulgar, or do not comply to the Gallery standards.

News from Touch of Art Gallery
In accordance to our Privacy Policy, we may send e-mails, including commercial e-mails, to the users of the Touch pf Art service who accepted this. The Artist whose Artworks are presented in the Gallery is automatically treated as a User who agreed to receive messages from the Gallery, including commercial messages.

We are open to cooperation with new Artists, however, we stipulate that we would not publish the works that, in our opinion, do not meet the standards of the Gallery.