About the Artist:

I live in Indonesia, under a blue sky, I need this blue sky, it bring so much energy and positivism, it is omnipresent in my work, it is essential to my Life. This is why the blue sky is so representative in all my paintings. Recently I made a big step into the evolution of my work, I have been turning around this feeling for over 2 years, not being able to grab it, and recently, voila, I nailed it, I understood it , it is now fully part of my work, lightening the architectures of my sceneries, dissipating the neighboring building to open the painting into a deeper horizon and to bring the focus to the main point of the painting, it brings another dimension into the work, it opens the mind, it brings us somewhere else, it allow us to travel , into a dream, a place of our choices, it opens the door for multiple and personal interpretations. Animals are part of my paintings, I respect them a lot, I am vegan, they deserve our love, our respect, their freedom, they are equal part on this world, they are part of us, they reflect who we are


Internationally award winning, Olivier Lamboray is a 45-year old Belgian Surrealist painter who currently lives in Indonesia with his Indonesian wife and five-year old daughter. He has been painting since 1992 and has, to date, had many successful exhibitions in Belgium, Italy, Thailand, Netherlands, Indonesia, England and France.
’ Painting is my Life ‘… Would really define who he is.
His paintings clearly reflect the duality of his love for his Mother-Nation Belgium, its shinny paved streets, trams, old trains and atmospheres, mixed with the colors, the flowers and women of this paradise island where he lives.
Surrealism is very present in Belgian culture and he has been fascinated by it since his early years… "The magical feeling of the surreal dream..."
Olivier Lamboray has won many contests, recently got the "Palme d'Or" for figurative painting selection and came second to the "Grand Prix du Jury" at International Art Fair "Artoulouse" in France.
He is often compared to famous Belgian Luminaries such as René Magritte or Paul Delvaux even though he has developed a personal style and his paintings are highly sought for..


"It started when I was may be 4 or 5 Y. O. We were living not far from the airport and I was pointing at the planes in the sky,
but more especially from the garden of my grand-mother
A bit later I tried to imagine where these planes were going, the people inside them, their stories, the sun waiting for them…
It was always a holyday, not a business trip… A Happy Thing

Then I started traveling with my parents, and then kept going alone; 4 continents and 28 countries… and I lost my orientation on the way, and got lost on an almost deserted island at the end of the world.....
Facing the horizon for many years....the infinite...the reflection of the self... Facing myself.

Running the world wasn't leading anywhere, I was just making circles around the globe, turning around my quest...
Time had come to drop my small suitcase. The answers I was seeking were inside me, so I started another journey...
I left everything behind and started traveling inwards myself... No boundaries, no end... Naked...
An horizon pushed back to the infinite, without limits, a surreal sight of the self... I was on my way to the roots of my deeper self, to whom I really am.

… And like the Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist, it takes around the globe to realize that what we are looking for, is inside us.

The steps on that path were difficult ... A dangerous trip where it is easy to get lost in the darkness of the loneliness, teasing craziness
In the deep places of the mind....
It was like walking on a wire at the edge of the world.

Love is the string that pulled me back from falling from that edge.
Love is the strength that carries me every day.
Love is the inspiration of the divine secrets.
It is the essence of Life

Painting brings me euphorically feelings and equilibrium between my utopist vision of the world and the reality we live in...

it’s a journey ... And it’s amazing !

Recently I have been working quite often on commissioned works and I love it. It allows me to deepen myself in another reality, not belonging to me, it opens new doors, it opens the mind, it is always a challenge and always I have been praised by the commissioner for the final result... Between commissioned works, I work intensively to fulfill the galleries I work with as a permanent exhibitor in Belgium and France...

Being so focused on the depth of the story and the preciseness of fine details, my production is not into quantity but into quality...

Every painting leads me closer to who I really am, a balance of pure freedom in a loving reality even if I realize that maturity flourish with some more political and critical approach of the subject.

This is where I am ..."