Gray Mark
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About the Artist:


I'm an experimental artist. I have a very diverse background having began life as a cartoonist and illustrator at a young age and ultimately worked in Creative Director roles within advertising agencies. Whether my name is familiar or not, my work is sure to be as I have been fortunate enough to work with brands and clients worldwide. Nowadays...(I'm not as old as that makes me sound) I use my conceptual mind to establish appropriate styles and mediums for individual clients for specific occasions or installations to commission. I work in a variety of mediums sometimes mixing traditional and modern, or even self developed techniques to create one-off bespoke pieces.

Aside from my bespoke work I also work on my own creations, the most recent solo show in Warsaw Poland comprised of a variety of personal pieces reflecting my own personality! I'm currently working on a follow-up exhibition planned for the very near future which is all very exciting...

I like to think of art as "Rock 'n' Roll' for the eyes". If what you see stirs some emotion within you then in my mind its been worthwhile giving up a piece of me to create it...