About the Artist:



Henadzy is a graduate of the University of Masherov in Vitebsk, Belarus, defended his master's degree at the Faculty of Painting and Graphics (1987 - 1992). From his teacher and mentor, Valentina Liahovich, he received what is most important - a sense of freedom in creating.

Currently, he lives and works in Vitebsk, a city that has become famous all over the world as a place of birth or work for such outstanding avant-garde giants as Chagall, Kandinsky, Malevich, which have been a source of inspiration for Henadzi for years.

The artist draws a lot from numerous journeys, this is how such diverse landscapes and abstractions are created, inspired by the unique colors of different parts of the world. Henadzy is a searching artist who willingly experiments with new painting techniques, constantly setting himself new challenges. The predominant technique is oil on canvas made with the use of spatulas and brushes. Henadzij's style is characterized by bold lines, shapes and colors. At the beginning, he never assumes what the work will look like, repeating that it is the painting that dictates each subsequent step.  Henadzy believes that the process is endless and it evolves with the artist's life. His abstract works do not pose any limitations to the observer and do not indicate a specific point of view, but rather encourage him to create his own story, to be free in imagining, thus allowing him to interpret art through his own feelings and emotions.

As an artist, he is happy that he has the opportunity to express youself on canvas, but he is doubly happy when he has fans of his work, when strangers experience the emotions from his creativity.


His works are presented in many private collections in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, USA and others.