Goryanskiy Vadim
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Informationen über den Künstler:

List of the main exhibitions.

*personal exhibition in gallery "Pecherska", Kiev, Ukraine, 2012
*personal exhibition in gallery "Leading artists of Ukraine" Kiev, Ukraine, 2012
*personal exhibition in Borys Grinchenko University, Kiev, Ukraine, 2012
*personal exhibition in IAPM, Kiev, Ukraine, 2012
*nationwide exhibition "Historical characters of the future" Kiev, Ukraine, 2013
*exhibition in museum "Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine" "Laugh and cry nightingales", Kiev, Ukraine, 2013
*resident of gallery "Gamma" from 2013y. Kiev, Ukraine
*winner of nationwide Ukrainian competition-exhibition "Crystal palette", Kiev, Ukraine, 2013
*"Nord Art 2014" Büdelsdorf, Germany, 2014
*gallery "Evartspace", Geneva, Switzerland, 2014
*exhibition in the international project "Titanic" Kiev, Ukraine, 2014
*personal exhibition in college I.S.Nechuy Levitsky, Bohuslav, Ukraine, 2015
*gallery "Rusy Karabierov", Nova Zagora, Bolgaria, 2015
*exhibitions in the project "Gogol Fest 2016" Kiev, Ukraine, 2016


Goryansky Vadim Viktorovich, was born October 17, 1986 in the Boguslav town, Kiev region. After high school, he continued his studies at the college named I.S. Nechui-Levitsky at pedagogical faculty on specialty teacher and designer.
In 2007 he entered the Kiev National Academy of Arts and Architecture at the faculty of painting. He defended a diploma under the guidance of professor M. E. Guida.
  The basic idea of ​​the artist is to create a deep, spiritual, art that is based on the principles of the classical school.
Master paintings are in public and private collections in Ukraine, Russia, China, Canada, France, Germany Italy, Bolgaria, USA Spain, Sweden ..