Collin Ashley
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Informationen über den Künstler:


(Born 1988 in England) I am a  British artist who attended university College Falmouth from 2007- 2010; I am a creator of collages, paintings and drawings. My main interest lies in thelanguage of abstract composition.

I contemplate and select ideas as single entity’s which find their representation through the dialogue of both abstraction and geometrical, assigning them to a new visual existence. My artistic strategies emulate techniques from typical modernist art such as repetition, fragmentary composition and symmetry. My works often contain pure shapes and ambiguous forms. My studio is center stage for the transition of theoretical ideas into physical abstract realities through long experimentation and exploration periods. 

Parallel to the above the I  often uses elements of more than one idea in the works reviving previous ideas and uniting them with new ideas. Forming metamorphic geometric links and breaks between the old and the new. The untitled works give way for a greater personal interaction from the viewer.

“Painting is in a transitional state challenging our perception of what we see, think, feel and experience”

I  have shown work in Cyprus, Berlin, Warsaw, Cracow, London and continue to exhibit work nationally and internationally.

I live and work in Poland.