Informacje o artyście:

Inspired by early twentieth century art, Tadeusz finds inspiration from abstract expressionism of the mid 1940’s. The art movement had an immeasurable influence on the many varieties of work that followed it, especially in the way its artists used color and materials. Machowski’s works hope to capture some of the energy and excitement of the movement, yet strive to reflect his own sense and vision of reality within a contemporary context.


 was born in 1955 in Łańcut, Poland.
Since his early childhood, his main passion was all kinds of art.
He has been developing his talent by creating realistic landscapes for about twenty years.
Then, inspired by early twentieth century art, Tadeusz started looking for some other kinds
of depicting reality and expressing emotions. Drawing inspiration from artists that had been
created between 1940 and 1960, he started to work on his own abstract style.Today we can be really
impressed when looking at his current art. As if he is still searching and trying to use new, different
techniques and themes, his works of art are characterized by diversity of forms. It makes his
paintings difficult to classified.Incredible colours and compositions delighted many critics and collectors,
who posses over 500 Tadeusz’s artworks mostly in the USA and the EU.