Targiel Monika
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Informacje o artyście:

Hello beautiful world,
Thank you for visiting my profile and virtual art gallery. I'd like to introduce myself in a nutshell.
My artwork is inspired by colors, textures, patterns and nature. Whenever I can, I adore travelling and taking photographs and creating art from new exciting places, people and things I've never seen before.
I create spontaneously and don't control the final result of the concept. I let the energy and the creative process flow through my hands and senses.
I have a variety of topics that I like to work on. When I paint I make sure that it's uplifting, joyous, light, mystical, or even magical. There's too much negativity in the world to embody and magnify the heavy topics through means of art. To me art is something sacred, magical and symbolical with strong impact on the human psyche. I want my art to take recipients to a better place, to higher vibrations, to soothe them, make them smile and touch their spirits. The visual look is supposed to be sometimes child-like, to bring forth the inner child within each of us no matter how tough we may seem on the surface. Why do I do that? My life wasn't easy. It was full of challenges. I decided to turn this into something positive. The best moments have been when I detached myself from the miseries through designing at schools and at work creating beautiful spaces, interiors, objects and paintings. Painting and drawing in particular were therapy for my emotional and spiritual health. I know that I'm not the only one and there are many people who can relate to my personal philosophy.
My educational background has always been in visual arts and foreign languages: starting at the Artistic Secondary School, English Teacher Training School, Academy of Fine Arts and Academy of Feng Shui.
Most of the time I studied interior design, painting and decoration. I adore the beauty of any sort.
My new art project that is a personal prompt, is to create a couple of oracle card decks used for consulting, development and coaching.   
I'd like to invite you, dear visitor, also to my profile on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/indigo.frequency/