Informacje o artyście:

I am a modern Ukrainian artist Kostiantyn Shyptia. I started my art career in childhood. Then I painted with pencils on the wall or with chalk on the asphalt. Then I studied and grew up. I tried to find my way in life. But fate every time brought me back to the way of creating paintings. The first buyers and the first exhibitions of my paintings appeared. In my paintings, I try to show the beauty, passion, mystery and cheerful grotesque of this World in which we live. It is very important for me to know what people think about my art. What thoughts and ideas are born to people when they look at my pictures. Because at this moment the viewer becomes a co-author. I believe that pictures without spectators look like bright beautiful birds that were hidden from people. I am grateful to everyone who is interested in my art and who supports me in this way. I hope that my work will bring you joy and good mood.