Informacje o artyście:


1964 - Artist born in Prag
1982 - he starts the professional artistic carrier of a musician
1984 - he emigrates to Tessino (Switzerland), after one year he moves to Germany
since 1990 - he has been studying painting intensively, during studies he meets German Trompe-l'oeil scene and then he starts the professional carrier of a painter
1996 - 2000 - graduated from Masaryk's Academy of Fine Arts, Prague

He lives and works in Egloffstein (Bavaria), Germany.
His paintings have been exhibited in many individual or collective exhibitions (e.g. Salon d'Automne Paris/France, Salons de la Résidence du Louvre/Monaco Modern Art Museum, Salvador Dali Exhibition Musee Baron Martin Grey/France, Centre Culturel Peugeot Paris/France, Albrecht Dürer Haus Nuremberg/Germany). They are a part of private collections or the collections of public institutions as for example Albrecht Dürer Haus Nuremberg (Germany), Monaco Modern Art Museum (Monaco), Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Santiago (Chile), Museo d'Arte Mendrisio (Switzerland), Levi Strauss Museum Buttenheim (Germany), Bibliothéque Royale Albert I. Brussels (Belgium).

- EUROPEAN PRIZE for fine Arts by the European Union of Arts
- EUROPEAN MEDAL of Franz Kafka for Artistic Creation by the European Circle Franz Kafka
- WORLD PRIZE OF SALVADOR DALÍ for Fine Arts by the Alliance - Salvador Dalí International
- Prize of Rudolf II. for Fine Arts, Prague
- Prize of Frank Kupka 2003 for Fine Arts
- 1st prize PALM ART AWARD 2011, Art Domain Germany
- TOILE D'OR 2011, Fédération Nationale de la Culture Française