Kawiak Anna
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Informacje o artyście:

I am a professional musician, a pianist. Music is present in my life, since I can remember - just like breathing, it always was and always will be. I play, listen, arrange and compose. It's an inherent part of me, that has long been known to me.


Painting is different, it is something new and it constantly amazes me. I paint intuitively only. So I never know what's gonna appear on the canvas. I never plan anything beforehand, but rather follow my inner impulses that, in some magical way, guide my hand, making me a conduit of creativity, manifesting those inner visions on the canvas.


Painting teaches me trusting and believing in myself. By observing myself during the creation process, I realized that we are more than just the body and mind, that every human has talent hidden within. Yet somehow we do not allow ourselves to bring them out. I know now that everyone has, so called, inner sense and if we allow it, it will guide us to all the solutions we need in our lives. It might use some mysterious, inconceivable ways to do it, but it just works.