Informacje o artyście:


Good day!

I welcome you, dear visitors, on my profile page of Touch of Art gallery.

With your permission, I would like to write a few words about me.

My name is Andrii Svystun and I live in Khmelnitsky, in Ukraine.

Since childhood, I was interested in art, but I have not started learn artistic disciplines professionaly.

Instead of it, I graduated from Technical University of Podillya in 2003.

Interest in art blazed up with new flame in me not so long ago, and opening of my art studio "Podolsky stone" was the quintessence of this.

My Studio - is a unique place from artistic point of view. Neither in Ukraine or abroad no one is making art on stones.

Usually as canvas stone we use sandstone, frames are made from oak, also we use acrylic paints. Pictures made both in color and black and white.

I hope that you will like the works and will to take this opportunity to get unique by it’s nature paintings.