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Hello, My name is Vita Schagen, and I am an artist living in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

More than anything else I love to paint portraits of different people. I think people are the most mysterious creatures in this world, and I want to capture their life, their emotions, their dreams, their love, their soul, in my work.
I also like to do still lifes, landscapes and all other kinds of simple thing that are around us everywhere in everyday life. I don't think about labelling my work as any art style; what is important to me is that my paintings reach into your heart in unexpected ways, that they make you smile or be surprised. I use different styles of painting; it depends on my mood, the subject I want to paint, and what kind of emotions I want to show.

I usually work with oil paint. I always use fine art materials for paint, canvas, brushes, etcetera, to ensure the best quality.

Thanks for stopping by for a look at my paintings, I hope you enjoy them.